Frequently asked questions

CPII Digital Expo is a channel for provinces to 

- share success stories in and new ideas for citizen-powered innovation

- share challenges currently faced by local people and communicate with other provinces to identify obstacles hindering sustainable developments.

- coordinate inputs from experts to efficiently and effectively assist provinces in implementing a common solution.

- identify and co-implement 3-5 initiatives each year with seed-funding between US$20,000 and US$40,000 and advisory services provided by UNDP.

The targeted audience of the CPII Digital Expo is the local government and communities of 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam. The point of contact in each province is the provincial Office of the People’s Committee.

All citizens and organisations are encouraged to submit innovative ideas/solutions which match the theme and objectives of the CPII Digital Expo. Submissions are completely on the Expo website via a registered account. A valid account can submit multiple innovative solutions/ideas.

Innovative solutions/ideas displayed on the Expo website are grouped into two categories:

  • Endorsed solutions/ideas are those meet the Expo requirements and are endorsed by local governments, i.e. the solutions/ideas submission form must be signed and stamped by local government authorities. These solutions/ideas will be considered for funding and co-implementing by UNDP.
  • Community solutions/ideas are those by local citizens and organisations which meet the Expo requirements and not having authorities endorsement. These solutions/ideas are not considered for funding and piloting by UNDP.

The submission of innovative solutions/ideas follows 3 steps.

  1. Registration

All citizens and organisations can create an account on the Expo website. A registered account is required to submit innovative ideas/solutions to the Expo.

  1. Preparing content of the solutions/ideas

Download the Submission Form from the Expo website. The content can be in either Vietnamese or English, is well illustrated and follows the required sections in the Submission Form.

  1. Submitting the solutions/ideas

Upload the Submission Form onto the Expo website using a registered account. All submissions will be reviewed and, if meeting the Expo objectives and requirements, posted on the Expo website. Submissions which need further elaboration or clarification will be sent back to the authors for revision. Solutions/ideas which do not match with the Expo objectives and requirements will be rejected.


The selection criteria are as below.

  1. Innovative solutions/ideas must meet at least one objective of the Expo.
  2. The content of the innovative solutions/ideas must have all information as required in the Submission Form.

- 14/04/2021 Official launch of the CPII Digital Expo

- 15/04 to 04/05/2021 Invitation letter sent by UNDP to all provinces and cities to participate in the Expo.s

- An online Question and Answer session for questions related to the Expo.

- 05/05 to 30/06/2021 Accepting submissions of innovative solutions/ideas from citizens, local governments and organizations.

- 30/06/2021 Last day for submissions to be considered for funding by UNDP in 2021. Eligible submissions after this date will be displayed on the Expo website and will be considered for funding in next years.

- 01/07 to 31/08/2021 Shortlisting 3-5 innovative ideas and preparing detailed proposals for UNDP funding in 2021.