Instructions for participation

14/04 Official launch of the CPII Digital Expo

15/04 to 04/05 Invitation letter sent by UNDP to all provinces and cities to participate in the Expo.s

An online Question and Answer session for questions related to the Expo.

05/05 to 30/06 Accepting submissions of innovative solutions/ideas from citizens, local governments and organisations.

30/06 Last day for submissions to be considered for funding by UNDP in 2020. Eligible submissions after this date will be displayed on the Expo website and will be considered for funding in next years.

01/07 to 31/08 Shortlisting 3-5 innovative ideas and preparing detailed proposals  for UNDP funding in 2020.


The expected outputs

The Digital Expo invites citizens’ initiatives and innovative solutions to help local governments to better understand and respond to the needs of its citizens via achieving one of these followings:


- effectively harvest citizen’s opinions for policy making and administrative reforms

- enhancing e-governance effectiveness and inclusive access to online public services

- “360 degree” reporting on citizen’s satisfaction on public services


Initiatives and innovative solutions can be in the form of new public product(s), public service(s) or added features thereof, public organizational (re)structuring, or an innovative communication and engagement channel. They can be either already implemented at full scale, or a piloted proof-of-concept (which needs to be refined and upscaled), or simply a (well-defined) idea. 

UNDP and FSPPM will develop assessment criteria covering i) leadership commitment, ii) feasibility, iii) level of impact on citizen benefits, and iv) scalability to help select 3-5 initiatives for acceleration.